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2020 Quarter 1


Upcoming FOROs:
Spring 2020: March 5-9
Fall 2020: September 11-14

Contact Courtney Zalmanoff (Assistant Volunteer Coordinator for LCMS LAC) with questions or for more information. 

Spotlight: Missions



The first Service of the Word was held in Villa Dura just before Christmas. Pastors Yban Navarro and Sergio Fritzler and seminary field workers are working tirelessly to connect their youth outreach efforts to the families to the rural community of Villa Dura. Their weekly Bible study regularly brings together about 30 children in the community, with increasingly more adults coming to join. At this initial community-wide service, more than 80 children and 20 adults were in attendance, along with supporting members of Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Licey. We give thanks for the opportunity to preach the Word to those who desire to hear it. 


Spotlight: Education



The children at Concordia Lutheran Schools in Licey and Palmar Arriba, Santiago learn about the history and traditions of the Dominican Republic, all while placing an overall emphasis on Christian formation in their education. February is a most patriotic month while Duarte Day and Independence Day are celebrated just weeks apart. Juan Pablo Duarte is considered the founding father of the Dominican Republic. As one of the most celebrated figures in the history of the country, it was his efforts against Haitian rule that eventually liberated the eastern half of the island during the Dominican War of Independence in 1844. In February, the children learn songs and anthems, put on performances and parades, and create art projects and wave their flags, all in celebration of a beautiful homeland in the Caribbean which observes its 176th year of Independence this year.


Spotlight: Mercy



Deaconess Intern Kate Phillips has begun her work in helping out at Hogares Luteranos el Buen Pastor (HLBP) to facilitate more spiritual life activities for the 6 youth living there. She is working with Pastor Idjon Fritz to resume weekly devotions in the home. Please pray for Francis (pictured above) as Kate is looking for a willing church worker who knows American Sign Language to facilitate catechism instruction for him in ASL.

Our work in the government ward for abandoned adults with developmental disabilities continues as we are trying to advocate for systemic changes. Please pray God’s mercy upon the people at Kilómetro 28 as conditions have drastically worsened. We are facilitating an extensive health and wellness evaluation of each resident to provide concrete recommendations of care and needed services. 


Spotlight: Daily Life



Early 2020 brought LAC two new missionaries! We welcome Ashley Lehr and Tirzah Krey to the growing number of missionaries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ashley joins us in the Dominican Republic for her orientation and language classes before she will head to Puerto Rico to teach music and English classes and work with short-term teams. Tirzah will stay in the Dominican Republic beyond her orientation and language classes to serve on the regional team as part of the human care circle. Please pray for these ladies as they adjust to life on the mission field and take on their new roles. 


Also happening in the DR:

  • March 21-28: Short-term Team, Divine Savior Lutheran Church, Hartford, WI
  • April 3: Concordia Lutheran School, Palmar Arriba – Palm Sunday processional
  • May 26-29: CMSCR Theological Symposium
  • May 29: CMSCR graduation ceremony
  • June 6-13: Short-term Team, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Chester, IL
  • June 7: Concordia Lutheran Schools closing service
  • August 3-8: Assembled Short-term Team (Regional Conference Childcare)
  • September 6: CMSCR/ Concordia Lutheran Schools Opening Service
  • October 3-10: Short-term Team, Morning Star Lutheran Church, Lakeside, CA
  • October 31- November 7: Short-term Team, Trinity Lutheran Church, Summerfield, FL



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