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2020 Quarter 2


Upcoming FOROs:
Fall 2020: September 12 (Virtual only)
Spring 2021: March 5-8

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Spotlight: Missions


The congregation at Pueblo Nuevo worships together again on June 7 with added protocols for safety. Photo by Clarion Fritsche


June 7 was a glorious day for the congregations of the Dominican Republic. Not only was our triune God worshipped on this Holy Trinity Sunday, but He was worshiped in His house by His people gathering together for the first time in nearly 3 months. Due to COVID-19, churches had been banned from opening their doors for many weeks until it was deemed safe enough to open again. During this time, pastors and seminary students had to be creative in holding interactive services, devotions, and Bible studies online, typically streamed via Facebook or Zoom, or shared in WhatsApp groups. While we have assurance that our God never changes, never leaves us, and never forsakes us, it was certainly difficult for His people to feel connected without reuniting at church each week. Praise God that His people are able to gather together once again!


Spotlight: Education


The welcome screen for each evening of the Symposium, complete with a countdown until it started!


The end of May greeted the III Theological Symposium hosted by Concordia the Reformer Seminary and Mercy Center (CMSCR) in a manner never seen before: a 4-day, completely virtual series of presentations and discussions facilitated by CMSCR’s faculty and pastors from around Latin America. Appropriately titled New Challenges in Times of Disaster, each presentation centered on a unique aspect regarding the world we are living in today: one full of illness, fear, and uncertainty. The event was a whopping success with 17 countries represented and around 175 committed viewers each night. Bringing together Latin American pastors and laity to study common beliefs creates a fellowship among those who are scattered to the ends of the earth, teaching and preaching the Good News. Join us in thanking God for a successful online Symposium this year!
Additionally, our Lutheran schools in Palmar Arriba and Licey took up the challenge to make classroom work possible through online work during school closures due to Covid-19. One of our teachers in Palmar Arriba, Ramona, realizing that one of her students had no internet access, personally delivered the assigned work and picked it up from her student on a weekly basis. Our preschool children graduated on June 19 in a virtual graduation, and we are blessed to be organizing another year of studies after the summer break.


Spotlight: Mercy


LCMS Missionary Erin Mackenzie helps with a devotion at Hogar Feliz. Photo by Johanna Heidorn


We are thankful to report that the kids in the group home are doing great despite the challenges of the pandemic. Please see our recent HLBP newsletter here. Dr. Marisol visits the Center for Social-Psychicatric Rehabilitation and the Hogar Feliz for abandoned adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Santo Domingo on a weekly basis. There have been no cases of COVID there as of now. Recently, for the first time ever, the Director of the Ministry of Public Health visited the Hogar Feliz; he was distraught at the conditions of the home and the residents. Dr. Marisol was asked to report to him directly on her recommendations regarding personnel needs and physical plant changes, as well as other medical and rehabilitative needs. A document is being prepared to present. Please pray that this would bring about long overdue and desperately needed changes. We ask for prayers for the presidential elections on July 5 which could also alter the long-term care of the residents for better or for worse.


Spotlight: Daily Life


Dominican Republic Missionaries participated in various Spirit Week activities. Pictured are Abigail and Rachel Warren as Two Fridas, the Krey kids on Character Day, and the Fritzler family on Sports Day.


As 2020 has brought us a new challenge in ministry and fellowship, we give thanks for the ability to continue to gather around God’s Word and celebrate the life we have in Christ. To enjoy the added time spent at home, Dominican Republic missionaries came up with some fun activities to keep in good spirits. The entire LAC region celebrated two Spirit Weeks and a multitude of lettering and art classes to keep the creative juices flowing. Missionary families dressed up in costumes for the first Spirit Week, recreated famous art pieces for the second, and missionary women and children participated in lettering, painting and art classes. The creativity and fun was out of this world! We are grateful to have technology to share photos, encourage one another and cheer each other on from home.


Also happening in the DR:

  • August 18: Concordia Lutheran Schools classes begin
  • September 6: Concordia Lutheran Schools 2020-2021 opening service
  • September 12: Virtual DRLM FORO
  • September 13: CMSCR opening service
  • September 15: CMSCR classes begin
  • October 31- November 8: Short-term team, Trinity Lutheran Church, Summerfield, FL

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