Dr. Carl Petersen provides ribs for Mission Central

Wow, you can’t imagine the JOY in our hearts when we were able to see a real MIRACLE unfold in that the world famous chef and super star rib preparer, the Honorable Missionary Chef Dr. Carl Petersen from South Sioux City, Nebraska came and made the entire meal here at Mission Central for over a hundred NOT NORMAL people on August 11th, 2018!

Yes, people found out that dinner was the noon meal on the farm and we didn’t provide just a “light lunch”…God sent Dr. Petersen to provide a real MIRACLE MEAL!

It was again how God put the right people at the right place at “just the right time”!!!  We were so grateful for this amazing gift of love.  We were worried about this big meal and who would the call to provide and then we get a telephone call….and Dr. Petersen said, “Missionary Gary, would you want me to provide a meal there at Mission Central?”   Daaah, and HERE WE GO AGAIN, LORD!

In the pictures you will see Dr. Petersen serving his world famous specialty and you see the faces of people that had the privilege of tasting some of the best ribs in the whole world.  This NOT NORMAL MAN got up at 2:00AM and began the meal for this special day.  We will never, never forget this special meal, and will never be able to thank this man enough!!!!  God sent the right person at “just the right time”.