How is it possible to have a tour group at Mission Central for a full tour on the 23rd of June and then be able to speak at Scottsbluff, Nebraska and Gehring, Nebraska???  Why that’s right by the Colorado Boarder….that’s not possible!

Yes, with God, all things are possible and HE calls special people at “just the right time” to make things happen.  That was the case on June 23rd and June 24th, 2022!

Without the help of Missionary Pilot Carl Elting from Davenport, Nebraska this miracle could not happen.  Missionary Gary had to be back at Mission Central for an entire tour group on June 25th, and how is this all going to work?

Here you see the photo of the missionary pilot that made this happen…..what a JOY to see how the Lord provides at “just the right time”.