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November 2022 Project Update

Good news and a time for thanksgiving…

A Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

We have some good news to share. The third and final book shipment that we have been shepherding into Papua New Guinea this year is safe and will soon be delivered. Thank you for your prayers! The books arrived in the Port of Lae (bottom right-hand corner on the map above) on November 4 from Thailand via Hong Kong. We thank the Lutheran Heritage Foundation ( for editing, printing, and shipping these books. They were delivered to the Resource Centre of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) in Lae.

Just this past week the Mapai Group (, a logistics and trucking company in PNG, dropped off a 20-foot container for transporting the books up to Timothy Lutheran Seminary, Birip Mission Station (top left-hand corner on the map above). Workers at the ELC-PNG loaded the books into the container and we just received confirmation from Mapai that the books are enroute to their final destination. Below is a screenshot from the satellite system Mapai uses to track their trucks. It shows Truck 295 with the books on the Highlands Highway near the Henganofi Mission Station (red pin on map above). The truck will overnight at the Mapai depot in Mount Hagen (left-hand corner on the map above) and the next morning deliver the books to Timothy Lutheran Seminary, Birip.

Below are a couple of pictures of the loaded containers courtesy of Lorraine Singin of the ELC-PNG. We thank her, Cathlyn Jack, Director of Overseas Affairs for the ELC-PNG, and Gahanema Siniwin, Manageress of their Resource Centre, for their help and assistance. Not only were they instrumental in bringing this book shipment in, but they also provided invaluable assistance for the 2019 LHF book shipment which they stored safely for two years during the “pandemic” until we were able to finally get it delivered earlier this year.

The contents of this final shipment are as follows:

  1. English Small Catechism – 3 cartons (110 books per carton) + 1 additional carton containing 90 books for a TOTAL of 420 books.
  2. Tok Pisin Small Catechism – 50 cartons (100 books per carton) for a TOTAL of 5,000 books.
  3. Enga Small Catechism – 21 cartons (240 books per carton) for a TOTAL of 5,040 books.
  4. Enga Litugi – 12 cartons (84 per carton) for a TOTAL of 1,008 books.
  5. Tok Pisin “Jesus Never Fails” Pamphlet – 4 cartons (1,300 per carton) for a TOTAL of 5,200 pamphlets.
  6. Tok Pisin “A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories – 44 cartons (68 per carton) + 1 additional carton containing 40 books for a TOTAL of 3,034 books.
  7. English “Bible Stories in Pictures – 6 cartons (40 per carton) + 1 additional carton containing 20 books for a TOTAL of 260 books.
  8. English “God’s Word for You” – 9 cartons (28 per carton) for a TOTAL of 252 books.

We would also like to thank Timothy Watato, Acting Operations Manager, at the Mapai Group for giving this shipment top priority. Timothy is the son of Rev. Daniel Watato who grew up in the Enga Province and received instruction from LCMS missionaries. He held pastoral, teaching, and administrative positions for many years before his untimely death in 2017.

We also need to thank the late Jacob Luke (pictured below) for all the assistance he provided to the missionaries of the LCMS and the Papua New Guinea Mission Society. His legacy and his servant spirit lives on in the company that he left behind. Thank you Jacob and the entire Mapai Group.

Give thanks for:

  • all LCMS missionaries past who developed the first versions of these books in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s and those who helped develop the more recent versions.
  • the pastors of the Gutnius (Good News) Lutheran Church and the professors of Timothy Lutheran Seminary who agreed to work with me in revising and completing the translations of many of these resources.
  • Ted Na Thalang of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation who worked closely with me in editing these resources and oversaw their printing, Jeff Rahn who oversaw the project and coordinated the shipping, and all the supporters, workers, and partners of the LHF.
  • Cathlyn Jack, Lorraine Singin, and Gahanema Siniwin, and all the workers at the headquarters of the ELC-PNG in Lae.
  • Jacob Luke, Timothy Watato, and the entire Mapai Group.
  • Rev. Ron and Mary Anne Rall, Roy and Judy Schache, and all the other missionaries and supporters of the Papua New Guinea Mission Society who are assisting with receiving and distributing these resources.
  • all those past and present who have supported the mission work in PNG.
  • all of you for all of your prayers and support over the years and for seeing us through these projects.

Please pray that:

  • the living and Almighty God will use these books for His purposes and that the Holy Spirit will bring many to faith through them and keep them in the faith until life everlasting.

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Advent to all!

Thank you for your prayers & support

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