David Martens and family visit Mission Central


Yes, MIRACLES keep on happening in the world, but we just say “BOY YOU ARE LUCKY AND ISN’T THAT SOMETHING!”

David and Karen Martens have experienced a REAL MIRACLE in their lifetime and in their family!  Yes, old Missionary Gary has had the privilege of knowing Dave and Karen for many, many, many years.  Dave was “struggling” with a horrible sickness, and had to go to nursing home because he couldn’t walk, and the impact of the disease was horrible in that he shook so terribly!   Then God provided a “MIRACLE surgery” for Dave and Karen…and because of this operation the Lord provided a HUGE, HUGE MIRACLE!  Yes, Dave is able to now walk and drive a car and this family was here at Mission Central on July 19th, 2018!!

This family came all the way from Fort Dodge, Iowa and their children and grandchildren came from Nebraska and even Chicago to be here to see NOT WHAT WE HAVE DONE BUT WHAT GOD HAS DONE HERE IN THE HILLS OF WESTERN IOWA!!!

In this picture you see this entire family with their old friend Missionary Gary at the world famous Mission Central…..It was such a blessing to have this family come and visit.  It was a day we will NEVER, NEVER forget!