Cundiff (Latvia) Update – November 2022

Full speed ahead!

Reformation Day brings us to the end of quite a busy October. We went on a walking tour of Old Town Rīga, had family pictures taken, completed the steps needed prior to getting our visas, and took a long hike with a friend and colleague at Luther Academy (see above). 

Quintin has been working hard to procure books via Logos for all the English-stream students now and in the future. Communicating needs from three continents to the United States is no easy task! Quintin also began teaching part of another course called Stewardship, which also encompasses Church administration and Christian leadership. He is taking on more administrative duties with Luther Academy and is participating in Vespers services on Mondays for all LA staff and students.

Lindsay is getting busier (and loving it!) with additional administrative tasks through the Academy, as well, going through previous courses’ feedback forms to figure out how overall administration and instruction can improve. Another project is on the horizon, but she will find out more information soon!

Carter had quite a month with schooling: several field trips (one to a chocolate museum, the other to an interactive blindness exhibit – done in complete darkness), meeting up with friends, and conferences (he is doing exceedingly well in school). He also got his transportation pass so that he can ride all the buses, trams, and trolleybuses without charge. (One ride usually is about $1.15.)

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Jēkabs, Laura, and their sleeping daughter, Marija Abigeila, along with Quintin, Lindsay, and Carter, on a 7-mile hiking tour of the Sigulda and Turaida castles.

St. Paul Lutheran Youth Group putting their best foot forward, especially on social media.

Building local connections

This past month, I have had opportunities to connect with other Lutherans here in Latvia. I mentioned last month that there are very few second-generation Christians here. And yet, young people do gather together for youth group at local congregations. One such church invited me to come and join the youth for an evening of talking about social media and how we, as Christians, can utilize this tool while also being aware of its difficulties and dangers.

 It was a great evening of playing games and the kids laughing at my (still-poor) Latvian language skills (all but one of them spoke English). It was enlightening to see the similarities and talk about the differences between American and Latvian teens. The discussion ended with a discussion about how we all search for identity, but, for us as Christians, our identities are given to us by Christ in baptism, and I was able to reinforce for them the very real identity they have as Christians. Praise be to God!

– Quintin


  • Good health as autumn and winter microbes begin to spread
  • The Latvian Lutheran Church, as she continues reaching out to local people


  • Opportunities to share the Gospel with our neighbors
  • Energy not reaching expected costs so far
  • The influx of Pakistani students mid-term at Luther Academy


  • His work in Eurasia and across the globe to bring the good news to all peoples!
  • Our supporters fro helping to make this mission possible!

Carter’s Corner

Sveiki! The last day of October, of course, is Halloween. Finding a costume was harder because there was not a place like Walmart or Target, so my dad bought me a red outfit and I did a hands-on project to make a futuristic robot costume based on a character from one of my favorite movies!

– Carter (age 11)

A piece of the Reformation in Latvia

In 1521, just four years after Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Johannes Bugenhagen (Luther’s pastor) brought Lutheranism to his home in the land of the Baltics. Shown above is a copy of a letter by Martin Luther to the Rīga (Latvia) Town Council in reference to an evangelical preacher there. The original is kept at the Latvia Academic Library.

Information and image derived from Turaida Castle museum contents.

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