Cundiff (Eurasia) Update – October 2022

Hitting the ground running

September certainly flew by!

Quintin began teaching on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to his students across Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. He continues to work as part of the committee for student recruitment, which, of course, will function year-round. 

Lindsay has trained with Connie, the previous Eurasia newsletter editor, in order to take over that position. There are currently 15 missionaries in the region – a lot of newsletters to look over each month! She also trained to monitor the Luther Academy English stream students’ assignments for plagiarism. This is very important as it helps to cement the academic integrity of the school. Lindsay is involved with a local women’s social and charity club, and with Christmas season quickly approaching, will be busy with that, as well!

Quintin and Lindsay are both taking Latvian lessons twice weekly – their heads are typically spinning by the end of those hour-long sessions, but they are making good progress with vocabulary and noun declensions so far.

Carter is doing well in school and has made several new friends. He is learning Latvian and French in school, among the other essential subjects!

The family is working toward visas in order to remain in Latvia for the foreseeable future. This would be impossible without the generous assistance of Māra with Latvijas evanģēliski luteriskā baznīca, the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church. Prayers are appreciated while we endure the process.

The weather is far cooler than it was in August when we first arrived. At the beginning of September, the sun would set around 8:20 pm, but now, at the end of the month, it is setting at about 7:00 pm.

You can follow our Facebook page “The Cundiffs in Latvia” for presentation dates and more stories of our travels.

The Three Brothers, across the street from the office of the Latvijas evanģēliski
luteriskā baznīca (Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church).

Quintin playing in a Warhammer tournament in Daugavpils in southern Latvia.

More than just a hobby

If you came to our presentations over the summer, you heard about the rich history of the Lutheran faith here in Latvia.

It is quite interesting to learn that many of the Christians you will meet in Riga are first-generation Christians. In other words, they are converts to Christianity, with many of them having family members who are unbelievers or even pagans. 

This means that there are many people here who need to hear the Gospel. We have been intentional in getting to know people here in Latvia and building relationships with them that might open the door to evangelism. 

One such place where I am doing this is in the local Warhammer group. If you know me, you know how much I love my hobby. It is a great joy for me. 

As the other players ask me about who I am and why I am here, I have had many opportunities to share the Gospel and there are some who are particularly interested in learning more. 

Please pray for the Lord to bless this work of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all who do not yet know him!  

– Quintin


•The relief efforts after the devastation of the floods in Pakistan
•The Latvian Lutheran Church, as she continues reaching out to local people
•European people amid the energy crisis.
•The sharing of the Gospel with the people of Riga.


•Opportunities to share the Gospel with our neighbors.
•Our swift transition onto the field.


•His work in Eurasia and across the globe to bring the good news to all peoples! 

Carter’s Corner

Sveiki (hello)! I have been going to school and making quite a few friends. I have friends from Latvia, Lithuania, and Italy. In the mornings, I get ready for school, tell Mom and Dad goodbye, and walk about 15 minutes to school.

I am continuing to build relationships with my classmates so that I can share Jesus with them over time.

– Carter (age 11)

Vārda dienas

You may have heard of celebrating saint days within the church, but, in Latvia, this has been elevated to a whole new level!

Vārda dienas, or Name Days in Latvian, are celebrated almost exactly the same as birthdays. It may include a party, gifts, and sweets, even at work or school. There are currently about 5,000 names that are celebrated with vārda dienas!, and more names are being added each year (though there are lots of rules to do so)!

Anyone with the name Jēkabs, for instance, will celebrate his vārda diena on July 25th each year, and a female named Līga will be celebrated on June 23rd.

Carter’s name day is celebrated on July 14th, and Lindsay will celebrate hers on December 4th. Quintin has such an unusual name for Latvia, so he isn’t on their list!

Your name isn’t included? Not a problem – you have a day, too! Celebrate on May 22nd every year with all the others that don’t have an assigned day (like poor Quintin)!

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