Cortright (Eurasia) Update – September 2022

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That’s Karl on the left and me on the right, right?

Connie and I recently visited a congregation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We were welcomed by Karl Hoessel with whom I have been in email contact for a while but had never met before our trip.

Hmmm. Beyond sharing certain outward similarities (!) Karl also served for many years as a missionary. We enjoyed getting to meet him and speaking at Hope congregation.

Click on the link above to read our September follow-up of last month’s letter. Thanks for reading about…

  • Our cancelled trip to the Eurasia Regional retreat  🙁
  • The beginning of the fall semester at the Rīga Luther Academy: who’s who and what we’re teaching 🙂
  • Our trip “up nort'” and our visit at Hope Lutheran 🙂

Connie and I hope you will enjoy our letter. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. 

With prayers for blessings!

In Christ Jesus,

Charles and Connie Cortright

LCMS Eurasia Missionary · 719 Westglen Village Dr · Ballwin, MO 63021-6137 · USA