Our open rate was better last month. We appreciate it and we are glad you have opened up this month’s letter. The launch of the Introduction to Theology course has gone well; as I write this we will have our 5th 3-hour class this coming Monday (19 October). It is really quite amazing just from the standpoint of the extensiveness of the class: numbers of people; range of countries; number of time zones; and all that. But I wish you could listen in to the kinds of questions we are being asked and also the genuine thanks and appreciation from the students that we have received. 

The “we” in that last sentence includes myself (Charles), but also my colleague Dr. John Bombaro. While I am teaching John is answering questions in our Zoom chat and contributing insights and comments during discussions. Likewise, Vicar Jay and Julie Dass are in Pakistan with a group of eleven or so men assisting them in following the lesson. 

This Introduction course is all preparatory to launching the degree training program we are working on with our partners at the Luther Academy of Riga and Ev. Lutheran Church of Latvia. God is blessing us with progress toward offering the first courses of the pastor/church worker curriculum in the spring of 2021. Prayerfully, many of our present class will go on into that program.

Please read on in our newsletter! Connie talks about her involvement with the International Women’s Club of Riga and our English-language worship at St. John’s Lutheran congregation in Riga and there is an update on Latvia and COVID.

As always, we thank you for your interest, prayers, and support. The Lord bless the rest of your October.

Charles and Connie Cortright in Riga, Latvia

Vicar Jay Dass and one of his group in Pakistan.



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