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We hope you enjoyed learning about our region’s work!

We heard from a number of folks who said they hadn’t intended to watch it all when they opened it, but once it got going they watched it to the end. Thanks so much for viewing!

Just so you know, the video was produced by Ben Helge, an English-language mission worker in Havîrov, CZ. Ben is light years ahead of me in terms of technology; we appreciate his work along with those who narrated the video and collated the various pictures.

I talk more about my little corner of the work you saw in the video in our letter this month: the first “for credit” course in the English Studied Program at Rīga Luther Academy’s Bachelor of Theology degree started on 25 January. Please pray for its success. 

I don’t get to write about it this month because of space, but I am “back” in Russia, too, via an online repeat course on the Prophets for the Theological Institute of Ingria. A little more than a year ago I was at the institute teaching a week-long intensive course and had to leave suddenly to avoid being stranded due to COVID border closures. So many adjustments over the year, but the work goes on.

The cycle of the year has also brought us to the threshold of another Lenten season. The grace of God again allows us to view the Passion of our Savior and to seek renewal through repentance and faith with one another. May God grant it at this time of so much division and strife. 

We ask for your continued kindness in prayer for our son, Patrick. An update about him is included in the newsletter. And as always–but never a matter we take for granted–we thank you for your prayers and support of our mission and labor in Jesus’ name.

The Lord bless and keep you during your Lenten walk with Him.

Chuck and Connie Cortright
Rīga, Latvia





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