Christmas greetings to you from St. Petersburg

May the Lord bless your celebration of the Savior’s birth and give you a happy and healthy New Year in His grace.




Dear friends in Christ around the world,

We are ending our service here in St. Petersburg and moving "next door" to Riga in Latvia. In my letter this month, I want to tell you about two friends-"unsung heroes"-I will miss here in St. Petersburg who have worked with me and welcomed me during my service at the Theological Institute of the Ingrian Lutherans. 

Our December/January will include other travels: to Italy where I will have on my regional chaplain’s hat and conduct worship in Padua and Caramonico Terme; then to Riga apartment hunting; then to Odessa to conduct a week-long seminar on preaching; then to Moscow to do a presentation on the Old Testament; and finally, back to St. Petersburg to move to Riga.  

All of this can be done because you continue to support us with your prayers and with your monetary gifts.  THANK YOU for this and all you do as "unsung heroes" in your quiet service in Christ.

May the Lord bless your Christmas and your New Year.

Yours in Christ,

Chuck & Connie Cortright 
Санкт Петербург, Рoссия


To support the LCMS through the work of the Cortrights, you may send a tax-deductible gift to:

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
P.O. Box 66861
St. Louis, MO 63166-6861

or through the folks at:

Mission Central
Attn: Gary W. Thies,
40718 Highway E 16                            
Mapleton, IA 51034-7105

Make checks payable to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod or LCMS. Include “Cortright-Russia” in the memo line.



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