God’s hand is o’er us



The "altar" in our house church on Maundy Thursday.




St. Paul wrote his Letter to the Romans to the "house churches" in the city. These were small congregations of Christians who met in homes rather than as a single large group. COVID-19 has closed all the churches in Rīga (as in the USA), so the house church is back. Connie and I celebrated Holy Week at this altar in our home and at a similar altar at our colleague’s home–a congregation of eight, which is six more than Jesus said we need "to gather in My name." Of course we miss "normal church," but there is something very salutary in all this: the Word of God is not bound. The Gospel of the forgiveness of sins guaranteed by the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead cannot be kept "socially distant" from us. 

Please read our note to all our friends and supporters. Know that you are in our prayers and in the Prayer of the Church which we offer at our altar. May the Lord use this time and these unusual circumstances to renew His people in the treasure of His Word and awaken many others to it. 



Yours in Christ,
Chuck & Connie Cortright






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