To Whom it may concern…I redid the main body part of the Gospel devotion so please use this rather than the previously sent one, thank you.   Pastor Kath


“NO FAIR,” the majority of the workers shout! On the one hand, that’s what the workers who worked all day; morning till evening, during the sun’s hottest hours, were in a sense saying after finding out what those who only worked for an hour got paid.  From a different perspective, there is the example from scripture where one could also say, “No Fair!” For example; the thief on the cross and his same day ticket to paradise as compared to other Christians who perhaps suffered much persecution all their lives for Jesus Name sake. “FAIR,” they might ask? Or, the prodigal son’s older brother working years for his father and no party but when wild little brother comes home and its red carpet treatment. again, is this ‘FAIR?’ These examples are all products of God’s grace! Which begs the question, is God’s grace fair?


The words chosen for our text represent God’s response to this question of fairness. God chooses what He does with His grace, not us! He would rather have our attitude be one of joy that another soul has been snatched from the jaws of eternal damnation, than to sulk over someone who appears to be getting grace without suffering. Whether it’s our good works or even suffering, neither count for anything in regard to receiving God’s grace or heaven. We’re all undeserving of His grace, yet, we’re given it through Jesus. So instead of “NO FAIR,” we shout-“PRAISE GOD!” Praise God for His Love and grace endures forever!