Many people ask us here at the Lord’s Mission Central…how do you folks keep everything clean in the Barn Museum?  Well, the answer is the Lord sends us special people to help clean at “just the right time”.

On May 18th, 2021 we had a wonderful group of people that came to “pitch right in” and boy did they ever!  Yes, it didn’t take too long, but we had such a good, good group from Charter Oak, Schleswig, Mapleton, and Denison…all come and what a blessing!  Faithful workers that came and worked so hard on that special Tuesday.

Here you see the group of Volunteer Cleaners, and they did such an excellent, excellent job!  I’m sure that you recognize many of the faces of the dear workers.  Without helpers that the Lord sends we couldn’t operate the Lord’s Mission Central here.  We thank God for our over 100 volunteers.  It truly was a very, very special day!