Would you guess that people would come out on a Tuesday to an old set of farm buildings to listen to Missionaries?  NO, IT COULDN’T HAPPEN, however, at the Lord’s Mission Central…truly amazing things happen!

Yes, on Tuesday the 16th of July, a wonderful group of NOT NORMAL people came to visit this MIRACLE PLACE.  Rev. J. P. Cima from Cambodia was here and also veteran missionary teacher Andrew Schaff from Concordia Middle School in Taiwan was also here to present.

We had a large group from Immanuel Lutheran Church at Lake View, Iowa under the direction of Missionary Judy Kramer, and also special guests from Bella Vista, Arkansas, Lincoln, Nebraska, Norfolk, Nebraska, and Clarinda, Iowa.  It was truly a very, very special day.

Here in these pictures you can see the group in the Creation Theater, in the Barn and then the group listening to Rev. Cima presenting and Teacher Schaff presenting and finally, the two missionaries being sent by some of the people as they are laying their hands on them and sending them.