Andrew and Noel Schaff


Dear Friends in Christ,   God’s peace to you in turbulent times! Here is the latest installment for September and October. Thank you for your continued prayers and you will continue to remain in ours.   Peace in Christ Jesus,   Noel and Andrew  


Dear Friends in Christ,   Here is the latest update of what is going on for both of us. We continue to keep all of you in our prayers. We are praying for your safety and health as well as the Lord’s peace and encouraging in these complicated times.    Peace in Christ, Noel and Andrew


Dear Friends in Christ,   We continue to thank God for all of you and pray that the Lord would protect all of you at this time from surrounding illnesses and struggles.  The Lord always remains faithful and all remains in His care. May he continue to give all of you strength and encouragement in the days to come!  …


Dear Friends in Christ, Here is the latest update of what is happening in Taiwan.  God’s peace in Jesus this Lenten season. Noel and Andrew Schaff_Taiwan_Mar2020.pdf Click icon to open, read, download or print file.


Dear Friends in Christ, Here is a long overdue update. God’s peace to all of you in Christ Jesus. Noel and Andrew  Schaff_Taiwan_Oct2019.pdf Click icon to download and print file.