Phillip Magness

Magness (West Africa) Update – August 2022

Magness-Newsletter-Summer-2022-Final.pdf Click icon to open, read, download or print file.   Here’s my latest newsletter. Heading out soon for a 37-day deployment: Ghana, Kenya, Congo. Please remember me in your prayers! Blessings to you all! In Christ, Phil

Magness (West Africa) Update – March 2022

Magness_Africa_Mar2022.pdf Click icon to open, read, download or print file.   Hello, everyone, here’s my latest update. Please remember me in your prayers as I deploy again in 10 days. Off to Ghana this time! Blessings in Christ, Phillip

Magness (West Africa) Update – Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Newsletter – Magness family Here is the link to the Fall 2021 Newsletter for Phillip and Cheryl Magness. Enjoy and God’s blessings! Fall 2021 Newsletter

Magness (West Africa) Update – August 2020

Here’s my latest quarterly. Sorry it is a couple of weeks late. I tried to land it before Fall officially started, but didn’t get it finished and then have been out building my network and playing for the ONM/DOXOLOGY Respite Retreats. (I’m actually in Indiana right now, actually!)   I hope you enjoy the update!   In Christ,   Phillip