Carl and Karen Cecil Germany May 2019

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Greetings from Dresden and the Mission Field!

Last month on Osternacht (Easter eve), we had 12 Baptisms of Iranian refugees in one of the most incredible church ceremonies that we have ever witnessed.  The historical Christian Church has long used this time to bring Christians into the Faith.  SELK St. Petri’s Pfarrar Dittmer prepared a Gottesdienst (church service) that included all the Easter traditions.  Our Persians (Iranians) know how special it is to be among the Faithful.  Next weekend, we will welcome another 14 new Christians into the Faith.  Most of these new Christians have been preparing for the past 6 to 9 months with Taufunterricht (Baptism instruction).

May God’s grace keep you as you read and share the latest news of mission life in Saxony.

Your brother and sister in Christ!

Vielen Grüße,


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