Big event at Mission Central on April 11, 2018















April 11th, 2018 was a special day for many youth and adults from Ida Grove, Wall Lake, Sac City, and Denison, Iowa.  Buses and cars came to Mission Central at 4:30PM to allow the youth from these congregations and their adult friends to also come and see what God can do.

The event featured a very special program in the Creation Theater on the story of the 6th day of Creation and how the Lord did indeed make each of His animals totally different, and that it DID NOT take millions of years for these animals to be created.  The amazing report also reflected the story of Noah and the Flood and how recent discoveries are MOST INTERESTING on Mt. Ararat in Turkey.

Then the entire group moved to the barn where they were able to see the culture and dress of the people of Papua New Guinea and see artifacts from around the world.

The highlight was the fact that this large group was then able to hear in person real missionaries, Rev. Ron Rall and his wife Mary Anne who are headed to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, and what a JOY to see their pictures and have them explain the dress and customs of these people half way around the world.

Here you see the bus that brought the group from Denison, Iowa, and also the youth in the barn that was filled, and also the entire group in the new Creation Theater.  It was an event that many people will never, never forget.