With the absolute help, love and blessing from the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League for the last 28 years, the MIRACLES at the Lord’s Mission Central could NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

What a JOY and honor to be able to report to the LWML at their convention at Lexington, Kentucky on June 26th, 2021, and be able to provide two presentations!  What a privilege to speak directly to nearly 3,000 mission minded women and men about how our Jesus is alive and working today to bring more and more people who are in total darkness to know our dear Savior Jesus!

It could be perhaps, the last time that Old Missionary Gary would have such a special blessing!  Each day WE ARE ALL GETTING ONE DAY CLOSER TO BEING WITH OUR DEAR SAVIOR.

This event was really an encouragement for Old Missionary Gary.  It was at an Event Center that was a bit bigger than an old set of farm buildings in the hills of Western Iowa!!!  Here you see Old Missionary Gary speaking to ALL of those attending!