What a JOY and BLESSING to have 15 special NOT NORMAL people willing to help with our Annual Thanksgiving Mailing!  These faithful volunteers had to work in Des Moines in a much different approach than the previous 26 years!  However, under the faithful help of our Volunteer “Mailing Director”, Kathryn Sprecher, the job is now complete!

The year 2020 has been unusual in so many ways.  But through it all God has been with us.  The Immanuel we look forward to celebrating once again.


So many plans and activities and worship services were canceled. And as it neared time to do the Mission Central mailing I wondered if it would actually happen. But God’s Word goes forth.  Needless to say, for a variety of reasons we didn’t have the usual number of volunteers. And how to handle getting it accomplished!  Do it at church? Have volunteers take home to do the stuffing, etc.? What about masks and social distancing and . . .


Over the past 10 years 107 volunteers from 17 churches have put in 1114 hours.  In the early years there were only 3500 to stuff.  But it took longer as we hand-folded everything!  That was done because of a temperamental folding machine.   Over the years the number of those supporting Mission Central has increased.  This year we stuffed approximately 7400 envelopes.  Much of the stamping of the envelopes was done at home. Stuffing of four items into the envelopes was done at home and at church.  The project was completed by 15 volunteers from 5 churches in 109 hours