We get to see real MIRACLES here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  What a real JOY to see how the Lord provides at “Just the Right Time”.
On February 21st, 2021 a REAL MIRACLE took place at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Osmond, Nebraska.  On Sunday morning old Missionary Gary had the honor and privilege of speaking at the church in Osmond, and what a JOY to work with veteran missionary Rev. Dr. Carl Lillenkamp, who is serving there as their pastor!  Our friendship goes back 27 years, and entails 4 congregations!
The congregation took a free will offering for our newest missionaries, and what a joy to see such a huge gift of love for our two newest missionaries, Rev. Christian Tiews and family called to serve Jesus in the dark country of Germany, and also Rev. Paul Nelson and his family called to the most Muslim Country in the world, Indonesia!
However, what I did not expect was the HUGE GIFT that was truly a surprise, and members of the Nebraska District North presented this to Old Missionary Gary.  It was a check for $10,000.00 that we were able to split between the Tiews family and the Nelson Family, who are just starting to work on their support!  WHAT A HUGE BOOST FOR THESE NEW MOST NEEDY MISSIONARIES!  In the photo you will see these special missionaries presenting their gift to a tear-filled old missionary!  We thank the Lord for the LWML!