Amazing Not Normal people visit Mission Central

What do Missionaries look like?  You might wonder about that question, but it’s not that hard.  A long time friend from our area near Sioux City, Iowa by the name of Missionary Scott Herbold, is a teacher in a public school, and he is a real missionary.  Yes, he brings buses from the public school to see Mission Central, so that ALL the students get to see what God made on the 6th day of Creation and to see the contents of an old barn.

On Thursday the 18th of June, Missionary Scott brought his special college school mate, the Honorable J. R. Perr all the way from Jackson, Missouri.  Mr. Perr teaches at St. Paul Lutheran School there in Jackson, and what a blessing to have these two special guests come to visit the Lord’s Mission Central.

Here you see them in front of our Boss, with Missionary Scott pictured on the left.  It was a day we will long remember.