This story is a story that tells so much about the blessing and history of the Lord’s Mission Central.  Over the last nearly 27 years there is a reason for God’s hand of blessing on this place!  It is because we have always taken people very, very personally, truly loved them and developed family relationships.  This is NOT a corporate model.

In September of 2007, Old missionary Gary had the privilege of traveling to speak at the amazing Immanuel Lutheran Church of Lockwood, Missouri.  There I met a very NOT NORMAL Pastor,  Rev. Gary Griffin and his wife Jackie.  What a JOY to have the honor and privilege of meeting a truly NOT NORMAL couple Clovis and Eloise Haubein, and spending some very, very, very special time with them!  I could tell immediately that they were people who were “in the world, but not of the world”.  Then I had the privilege of meeting their son, David and his wife Tanya.  It was clear that the acorn had not fallen far from the tree and this family “really got it also”.

Our close family relationship has continued for over 13 years and has grown stronger and stronger….and what a JOY and blessing for the very first-time welcome David and his dear daughter Ann to the world-famous Mission Central on October 15th, 2020, when we had such a special time together, and they were able to have a tour and we had a special prayer together in our little chapel before they headed back to Lockwood, Missouri!   Clovis Haubein is with our dear Lord Jesus, and I can hardly wait to see him again.  The family tradition for mission goes on and on, and what a JOY to hear from Eloise also.

Here you see our special guests, David and Ann, in front of our Boss here at Mission Central.  We will NEVER, NEVER forget our time together!