We were so blessed to have a very, very, very special missionary come to visit Mission Central on Tuesday the 7th of March!  Yes, this new missionary has been called by our Heavenly Father to serve as the entire Asia Regional Business Manager and will be living in Taiwan.

The Honorable Missionary Sam Borgwardt drove all the way from St. Louis, starting at 4:30AM and came to Mission Central.  This young man has the ability and blessing to have become fluent in the Mandarin Language which is the heart language of the Taiwanese and Chinese people!

His calling will be to assist all of the missionaries in that part of the world with business and accounting matters.    What a JOY to see how the Lord is still “CALLING” His special people with the gifts to reach the hearts of people in total darkness that have never heard the name of our Jesus.  As soon as he arrived at the Lord’s Mission Central, we could understand that this young man was in the world, but NOT OF THE WORLD!  We are so blessed to have a helper like Sam Borgwardt!!!  His shirt tells it all!