Several weeks ago, while Missionary Gary was visiting Hope Lutheran Church in South Sioux City, Nebraska a wonderful gift was given.

Yes, people ask all the time….are you getting any new items for the Barn Museum Artifacts?  The answer to that is YES, YES!  We are receiving gifts from our dear missionaries that visit Mission Central.  The missionaries all know that we are always looking for wonderful new items to add to our amazing collection of artifacts.

During that visit to Hope Lutheran, a dear family who had done so, so much traveling indicated they had a number of items that they had collected in Africa.  In South Africa they came upon one of the most unusual items that Old Missionary Gary had ever seen.  Never had I seen anything like this.

It was a special “walking cane”…and it was carved out of ONE SOLID PIECE OF WOOD!  Attached are some photos of this amazing cane.  You will notice that it was carved from one piece of wood, and  it featured, fish, a snake, 3 men playing drums, a special hand, a solid ring, a container with a coconut inside, a tree and a smoking pipe.  The more it’s examined the more things you see!

Here at Mission Central you will see things that you will never see again unless YOU bring someone back here to this MIRACLE PLACE.