Amazing items from China arrive at Mission Central


Many people may ask the question….”Why should we send people to Asia?”  Well, that answer if really very clear and so easy to answer.  These people are in total darkness, and we MUST bring them the light of our Lord Jesus!

In so many parts of Asia they believe in “Ancestor Worship”..and a part of that is they actually burn things for the dead, and they believe that magically in the fire and smoke that these things are sent to their decease relatives and friends!  They buy objects and burn them, thinking that this will please their deceased members and they will receive these items.

Our dear friend and co-worker, the Honorable Carol Halter, who lives in Hong Kong sent two new things for our World Wide Museum in the barn, and just a few days ago these treasurers arrived.

Those two items that could be “burned for the dead” were an airplane and a home.  We have just placed these new items in the barn along with an amazing collection of so many other items.  We have the largest collection of items burned for the dead of any museum in the world!

Pictured here is the house that arrived which is surrounded by other items, and also the airplane that is flying through the skies in our Barn Museum.  What a blessing to have these items to AWAKEN PEOPLE to why we need to send people with the Good News!