Each day we have so many, many wonderful people that God sends to be here at HIS Mission Central. That was the case for Friday the 23rd of July, when an amazing group of very, very, very NOT NORMAL people came to visit.

A wonderful group of folks from Our Savior Lutheran Church from Walnut, Iowa arrived about 2:00PM to experience a wonderful event. With special help we were able to arrange a special Zoom meeting with one of our NEWEST missionary families. Yes, the Walnut, Iowa group were able to visit with and ask questions of Rev. Cory Rajek and his dear wife Jennie, who are heading to teach at the Seminary in Riga Latvia. What a JOY to have that privilege of visiting with and praying with this “called” family.

This group from Our Savior Lutheran Church brought a wonderful gift of love and they agreed to apply their gift to the support of these new missionaries. This congregation has a real “mission heart” for the work that God has called us all to do. They realize that they can’t go to Riga, Latvia, but they can send the Rajek family in their place.

Here you see the group from Walnut, Iowa in our office with our Boss in the background.