Alyssa Anders from St. Petersburg visits Mission Central

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What a JOY and extreme blessing to have the honor and privilege of having our veteran missionary Alyssa Anders from St. Petersburg Russia come and present here at the Lord’s Mission Central on May 8th, 2019.

There was such a wonderful group of NOT NORMAL people who came, and even though it was raining and cold…this group of people came from Deshler, Nebraska, Ames, Iowa, Cherokee, Iowa, Holstein, Iowa, Adel, Iowa and Austin, Minnesota. Yes, people from 3 states came to hear this amazing missionary tell of her work in this land of darkness, where she is teaching English and teaching in the Seminary there in St. Petersburg.

Alyssa did such a great job of reporting and what a JOY to hear how the Lord is using her to reach out to people who have never heard about the wonderful story of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.

In the pictures you will see the group being fed by our volunteer cooks, Alyssa presenting to the entire group, and what a JOY that the group had the privilege of praying for Alyssa and sending her off to Russia as you can see from the picture of the entire group praying for her.  Also, you can see the picture of Alyssa in front of our Boss here in our offices!  It was one of those days we will never, never forget.