Advent reflections – 1 of 7

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The O Antiphons
The last seven verses of the well-known Advent hymn O Come, O Come, Emmanuel utilize seven unique names to identify Jesus or praise a particular characteristic of the Savior of the Nations. Reflecting on these seven stanzas has inspired us to share a daily thought with you. Through these, we hope to connect you further to this place and ministry of which we are a part, but more importantly to draw our focus on the coming of our Lord. 


O Wisdom proceeding from the mouth of the Most High,
pervading and permeating all creation,
mightily ordering all things:
Come and teach us the way of prudence. 


Education is a big business in Korea. Even the top universities in the country are known by a special name, much like the famous Ivy League schools in America: SKY universities. ’S’ is for Seoul, as in Seoul National University; ‘K’ as in Korea U.; ‘Y’ represents Yonsei University. Starting from a very young age, students attend ‘student centers’ to take additional classes after regular school hours, often until very late into the night. Sometimes, the tuition for these evening classes matches or exceeds the cost of attending an expensive all-day private school. The goal for many is to perform well enough in school and on standardized tests in order to advance to these elite schools. 

Christ is called the Wisdom from the mouth of the Most High. Indeed, He is the wisdom of the Father and one of three persons of the omniscient Triune God. Yet, the message of the cross is described by the Apostle Paul as “folly”. That is, it doesn’t make sense that the Creator of the universe would send His own begotten Son to come into the world as a human baby, face the toil of life and the trials of temptation, experience betrayal, scorn, and finally an excruciating death. Yet, He did. And the good news is that He did not remain in the tomb, but rose again victorious. The message is simple, but not simplistic. We don’t need the worldly wisdom of an advanced college degree from an expensive school to grasp this – we simply need faith, and that is the gift that is given us. Faith which clings to Jesus as the Wisdom of the Most High, the Word of God made flesh for us and for our salvation. 


The Wasmunds
Matt, Dee Dee, Lily and Olivia
LCMS missionaries in East Asia


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