After about 20 years there is a small rural church that has never forgotten!  They love missionaries and mission work, and here in the rural farmlands of Nebraska you will find St. John Lutheran Church at Waco, Nebraska!  For over 20 years old Missionary Gary has been traveling to this congregation.

They are exactly like my REAL FAMILY.  Old Missionary Gary loves every one of the families that are in attendance each year at their MISSION FESTIVAL!  This little rural congregation does way, way, way, way more for our dear LCMS missionaries than many, many larger churches!

On November 13th, 2022 it was such a privilege to go back for their annual Mission Festival Celebration.  Here you see the welcome sign in front of their amazing church!  This congregation is TRULY FILLED WITH “NOT NORMAL PEOPLE” and what a blessing to be with them one more time. Already they have their annual mission event for November 19th, 2023!!!!!

This wonderful congregation is directed by their shepherd, the Honorable Missionary Pastor Matthew Mau, our brother in Christ, whom God has used to truly create a VISION FOR MISSION IN THIS MIRACLE CONGREGATION!