It was an excellent day for the 6th to the 8th grade students from the Lutheran School at York, Nebraska to arrive for a day tour of all the action at Mission Central on April 26th, 2022.

This full day tour was a “learning experience” for the students and the adults that came to be part of this amazing event.

The day started with a group photo at the famous Mission Central sign and here you see the group of students.

Then after an opening discussion for the day in the Ministry Center, the group moved to the famous Lord’s Creation Theater, where the students saw some of the animals that the Lord made on the 6th day of creation!  The students were extremely interested, and there were some questions from the students.

The students and adults then moved to the “Resurrection Spot” where Missionary Gary will be sleeping and all the students realized that they would NEVER have a grave site, but ALL Christians will have a “resurrection Spot”…and NOT A FINAL RESTING PLACE ONE DAY!

The group then moved to the Barn Museum, where the students were dressed in artifacts from all over the world, and that these items were part of the picture of the Lord Jesus ascending into heaven to remind the students about the last words of the Lord Jesus, as He said in Mark 16:15…”GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOOD NEWS TO ALL CREATION”.  The students were amazed at the most rare and unusual artificates from all over the world!  They were amazed at the 3 idols from the jungles of Papua New Guinea!

Then in the barn, just before lunch the entire group was sworn in as real missionaries the rest of their lives, so that they will tell other people about our dear Jesus the rest of their lives!

After their sack lunches, the group then were able to hear about what other religions around the world teach, and the fact that the Christian Religion is the ONLY religion in the entire world which has a risen and living Savior who rose from the dead and is the Son of God.  NO OTHER RELIGION HAS THAT QUALITY!

This group was one of the finest groups, and the group was so interested.  It truly was a special, special day, and one that the group will never forget!