We need more missionaries to tell people about Jesus!  Several days ago, Old Missionary Gary had the most amazing blessing of being “in person” with 224 students at Christ Lutheran School at Norfolk, Nebraska!  The entire school came to the sanctuary of Christ Lutheran Church in Norfolk, where they were able to be dressed in clothing from around the world!
With the help of Rev. Mike Moreno, Principal Drew, and Starla Landkamer, it was truly a very, very special day. All of the students were able to hear and see pictures from around the world, where we need to be telling people in total darkness about our Savior Jesus.
The students were made aware of the fact that each one of them are missionaries and they ALL can tell others about our Jesus!  They were made aware of the fact that the Christian Religion is the ONLY religion in the entire world that has a resurrected Savior, who rose from the dead and is the Son of God….who said, “Because I live, you too will live”.
Here you can see the activities that special day!