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  Mission Central Staff*** tirelessly serving the Kingdom
  Sometimes, we forget the people that are closest to us and who are the real power behind the entire organization.  Here at Mission Central there is someone who does all of the following:
1.  All the cleaning of the carpets, scrubbing of the floors,
2.  Does all the dusting and pick up work
3.  Serves meals, and refreshments for groups that come to Mission Central.
4.  Serves priviate meals to overnight guests that stay at Mission Central.
5.  Does all the washing of the bedding for all guests at Mission Central, and we had 38 families that stayed last year.
6.  Does all the washing of towels and washclothes
7.  Does the cleaning in Fellowship Hall
8.  Does the cleaning in Barn Worship Center
9.  Does all the washing of Dishes and containers that need washing
10. Takes people on tours when Gary isn't home.
11. Answers the phone when calls are routed to our home base and takes messages.
12. Never complains when I'm gone and she is alone
13. Puts up with me when I'm angry and unpleasant
14. Cooks for Pastors when they come to play cards
15. Fries Fish when the Pastors and I catch some
16. Allows Gary to go with the Pastors to the Pond
17. Inventories all of our supplies for cooking at Mission Central
18. Does all of the work in the flower Beds and plantings at Mission Central
19. Mowes the banks and trims around the buildings at Mission Central after Gary gets done with the rest.
20. Cooks for Gary when he eats at 10:00 PM at nights.
Here is a short list of just some of the volunteers that give of their time and talents to Mission Central.

People "on mission", both here in the United States and abroad, are making a DIFFERENCE in the lives of many through the sharing of God's love.
  • Evelyn Ruhnke- Annual Newsletter Mailers
  • Marlene Brockshus - Mission Prayer Coordinator
  • Richard N. Thies - Data Entry Director
  • Rev. Lee Mentink- Volunteer Video Director
  • Mr. Lloyd Boettcher, Volunteer Video Director
  • Donald Gettner - Publicity and Printing Director
  • David Reddel - Media Director and Web Master
  • Brenda Martens "Prayer Calendar Director"
  • Wendell Volkens - Mission Pilot
  • Judy Hayen - Email Specialist
  • Sharon Hamann - Executive Assistant
  • Pam Kovarna - Executive Assistant
  • Pete Pedersen, Executive Assistant
  • Marnis Petersen - Social Director
  • Hans and Lola Clausen - Grounds and Carpentry Executives
  • Tom and Tammy Rakow - Executive Mission Assistants
  • Jean Knudsen, Volunteer Mission Scheduler
  • Kathryn Sprecher, Volunteer Mission Scheduler
  • Roger and Pam Heiden - "Volunteer Mission Schedulers"
  • Jennifer Uffelman Volunteer Mission Scheduler
  • Arlin and Marilyn Hinkeldey, carpenter helpers
  • Lee Umland, Volunteer Presenter
  • Mark Radke, Work Assistant, Volunteer Presenter
  • John Ribando - Volunteer Presenter
  • Irv and Anne Dana, Volunteer Presenters
  • Travis Ernst, Volunteer Presenter
  • Rev. Jim and Edna Moll, Volunteer Presenters
  • Rev. Dr. Richard and Anne Osslund, Volunteer Presenters
  • Ray and Dottie Huebschman - Volunteer Presenters
  • Herb and Marianne Glesmann, Electrical Engineers
  • Nate Predoehl, Chief Volunteer Pilot
  • Andy Winstrom, Volunteer Mission Pilot
  • Harry Barr, Volunteer Mission Pilot
  • Dr. Bob Wilson, Volunteer Mission Pilot
  • Charles Parmley, Volunteer Mission Pilot
  • Zola Kafton, Volunteer Office Assistant
  • Grant Thomas, Volunteer Merchandise Purchaser
  • Wayne Kafton, "Volunteer Lawn Mower Expert" (God sent him just at the right time)
  • Nancy Albers, Volunteer Filing Specialist
  • Janice Jepsen, Volunteer Typist
  • Suellen Sellmeyer, Special Event Typist
  • Mary Kropf, Volunteer Typist
  • Mary Kilburn, Volunteer Typist
  • Sharon Irwin - Volunteer Typist
  • Chyeral Stohlmann - Volunteer Typist
  • Colleen Classen - Staff Typist
  • Stacey L. Parker - Staff Typist
  • Lois Groen - Staff Typist
  • Amy Meyer - Staff Typist
  • Joy Deterding - Staff Typist
  • Jane Shaeffer - Staff Typist
  • Janet Dorale - Staff Typist
  • Kandi Hart - Volunteer Typist
  • Jan Henderson - Volunteer Typist
  • Linda McWilliams - volunteer typist
  • Marlyn Wiedman - volunteer typist
  • Virgie Henningsen - volunteer typist
  • David Lueders - "Volunteer Mission Driver"
  • Rev. Robert Stohlmann - Specical Missionary Helper
  • Keith Lambert - Mission Carpenter
  • Kevin Yockey - Mission Carpenter
  • Mary Ketelsen - Food Preparer
  • Dana Carlson - Cookie Baker
  • Rick Knuth - Mission Carpenter
  • Marcella Segebart - Volunteer Secretary
  • Jean Jaskierny Volunteer 'Grant' Writer
  • Ken Dunker Volunteer Photographer
  • Florice Dose Food Preparer
  • Jeanne Kuhlman Food Preparer
  • Rev. Lyle Kath Mission Central Volunteer Website Writer
  • Ruth and Pat Nicolaus - Special Museum & Barn Cleaners
  • Rev. John and Jenny Riebhoff - Ass't Video Director and Cleaning Specialists
  • Donna Meyer, Volunteer Mission Presenter
  • Jolene Ketelsen - Food Preparer
  • Rick & Barb Betterman - Volunteer Shirt Specialists, Special needs contacts
  • Lyle Munson - volunteer mission helper
  • Dave and Phyllis Bockelmann - Executive Electrician
  • David Johnson - Executive Maintenance Director
  • Dr. Ken and Marlene Block - Volunteer Painters and Repair Specialists
  • Adeline Gutz - volunteer assistant
  • Darrell Gutz - volunteer assistant
  • Cassandra Splittgerber - Social Media coordinator
  • Sonya Wessling - volunteer typist
  • Deb Gutz - volunteer typist
  • LaDonna Stonosheck - Prayer Warrior Coordinator

Mission Central - LCMS World Mission
40718 Highway E 16, Mapleton, Iowa 51034
PH: 712-882-1029


Brent.Smith@lcms.org  (mobile is 703-713-2851)