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Mission Central can work with you on a number of mission projects that LCMS has issued. If interested, contact Mission Central.  If you have any questions simply complete the form at the bottom of this page or call Mission Central. As you know (if you've met Gary), you are "not normal" and God loves you that way.  Below is a partial list of the projects.

Mission Projects
  • Water project for Qilame Village in Mainland China
  • Tin Roof for African new churches
  • Missionary support in Indonesia, the most Muslim Country in the world
  • Seminary training in the jungles of Papua New Guinea
  • Support Missionary conducting student workshops in Indonesia teaching that Allah is NOT the God of our Bible
  • Provide Sunday School Lessons for children in Kyrgyzstan
  • Support Sunday Schools and Bible Camps for children at the Ingrian Lutheran Church in Russia
  • Help to plant new churches in very challenging places within the USA by purchasing Bibles
Missionaries That Need Support
  • Augers in Latin America
  • Grieser in Southern Asia
  • Trumps in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Aadlands in Kenya
  • Ahlmans in Germany
  • Ashers in Eurasia
  • Burchs in Peru
  • Hansons in Hong Konk
  • Reinhardt in West Africa
  • Rueschs in Puerto Rico
  • St. Onges in Latin America


If you would like more information about these and other projects, please leave your name and contact information and Gary or a Mission Central staff person will get back to you.


Mission Central - LCMS World Mission
40718 Highway E 16, Mapleton, Iowa 51034
PH: 712-882-1029


Brent.Smith@lcms.org  (mobile is 703-713-2851)