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Miracles do happen! What God has done and is doing right here in the middle of a cornfield in western Iowa is nothing short of miraculous. In less than 3 months in the Summer and Fall of 2003, hundreds of volunteers transformed a five acre farmstead, complete with an old farmhouse, barn and chicken coop into a modern conference center and office building that will allow more people to be involved and active in proclaiming the Gospel to all nations in the world. Mission Central is part of LCMS World Mission. Returning missionaries will stay over at Mission Central, mission festivals will be held here and churches from all over the region will hold services of their own in our "barn with the stain glass window" that seats almost 300.God is indeed urging us all to GO! as Matthew 28:19 commands. He calls ordinary people to do some extraordinary things in furtherance of the Kingdom of God. Let's all rejoice in the gift God has provided and press on as good stewards, always focused on the mission in the lives of all Christians: to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to share Him with as many people as we can!
  Gary's Background*** from banker to missionary

Gary Thies of Mapleton, Iowa, took a leap of faith in 1994 and quit his job as Mapleton Bank president and became the first LCMS  Mission Development Counselor. In that role , he visits LCMS congregations and individuals to inform and excite them about missions and to encourage them to adopt, financially and through prayer, a specific mission project or missionary. He also presents opportunities for people to become personally involved in missions through prayer support, volunteering their skills and abilities, full-time service, gifts, and offerings.

Gary has traveled to 67 countries worldwide and presented a realistic picture of how God calls men and women, even today, from all walks of life, and that God has a place for each and every person. Gary gives a personalized and interesting presentation with video, slides, and artifacts from the mission fields. There is no question about Gary?s enthusiasm and being an eyewitness who is on fire for the Lord and missions. Gary's witness and stories are part of his presentations that have been made in more than 780 churches throughout the United States. 


Mission Central - LCMS World Mission
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