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Mission and Vision 


"Telling more and more people about Jesus, so that there will be more people in our real home in heaven."



"Every Christian praying for and PERSONALLY supporting a missionary or mission project!"

Prayer Calendar 
Prayer Request Calendar

More than anything else, missionaries need our prayers while on the mission field. Prayer is not a last resort... it is a first response. We ask you to be bold and pray through these prayer requests for this month. May God speak to you during these times! Thank you to our special Prayer Warriors!

Prayer Calendar for our prayer warriors

Mission Projects 

Help support the most recent mission projects and our missionaries.

Contact Gary! 

You can email Gary at Gary.Thies@lcms.org or send him things via snail mail to 40718 Hwy E16, Mapleton, Iowa 51034

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Estate Planning Ideas 

Have you ever thought about how you can support missions and leave a legacy? We invite you to check out the Mission Central Estate Planning page for more information and ideas!

Mission Central Daily "Pearls" 

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Written by Rev. Lyle Kath.

Rev. Lyle is a Mission Central volunteer, pastor and the author of "Conquering Cancer Through Faith in Christ".  Rev. Lyle also authors Spiritual Frontlets: three weekly devotions based on the Church's upcoming Sunday scripture readings.

Visit Mission Central 

Take the tour with your group! Click here for details:

Mission Central has had tens of thousands of people visit as of date for tours, museum visits, and presentations by visiting Missionaries.We have had hundreds and hundreds of missionaries that have stayed at Mission Central.  We give all glory to God and for what He is doing to raise people up to be salt and light to the world!

Read "What in the World is Mission Central?"

If your church, Bible study group, youth group, neighborhood group.... whatever group it may be...... wishes to have an IMPACT for the Kingdom , then think about making arrangments to visit Mission Central, hear about about the work that God is doing on the local, regional, national and international level. Contact Mission Central for more information on how you can make that happen!

Volunteer Mission Presenters

Pictured here are YOUR Volunteer Mission Presenters for your Congregation, Bible Class, LWML group, Ladies Aid group, Bible Study Group and Special Event or Mission Festival. These special people are fully trained, equipped and ready to come to you at NO COST, and will have some amazing stories, pictures and the latest information on the Lord's Mission. All of these Volunteers receive no pay, but serve the Lord Jesus, because HE lives in their hearts!  They have had exposure to Missionaries and Mission Fields around the world.  They are much better speakers and reporters than Old Missionary Gary, and are ready to come and tell the STORY!  Please contact Mission Central to schedule your time and date.



Visit Our Chapel 

You need to come visit the new Mission Central Wayside Chapel. Folks from all over the United States have come by and prayed in the chapel.


Mission Central - LCMS World Mission
40718 Highway E 16, Mapleton, Iowa 51034
PH: 712-882-1029


Brent.Smith@lcms.org  (mobile is 703-713-2851)